The United Teams of Light

The United Teams of Light
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"The United Teams of Light" is a digital art creation by New Moon Art that was created during the Lion's Gate 2021.

At this time, the United Teams of Light were formed between a group of powerful Ascended Masters, Angels, Galactics and many other higher beings in order to push forward the ascension of our planet. Although this group is formed by countless souls, 7 in particular stepped forward for the creation of this image that are represented by the 7 symbols in the centre of the image. These are in order starting from the top and going round the circle to the right:
  • Merlin
  • Lord Voosloo
  • Quan Yin
  • Isis
  • Jesus
  • Commander Ashtar
  • Serapis Bey
This image also draws in energy from the 7 Suns of our Galaxy.

This image will act as a powerful tool for anyone wishing to call on the United Teams of light to assist with their work.

Printed on professional quality fade resistant gloss photo paper providing excellent image quality and bright vivid colours.