Print Status

You may have seen that we recently had to take our prints offline due to technical problems with our print supplier.

We are very pleased to say that we now have prints available again with a new supplier but there are a few changes. In the interest of transparency, we wanted to let you know what has changed and why. 

The sizes we are offering have changed. Previously we offered 6"x4", A4, A3 and A2 prints. These options aren't all available with the new supplier so we have had to go with new sizes which are:

  • 6"x4" Print
  • 12"x8" Print
  • 15"x10" Print
  • 24"x16" Print

Frames should be readily available in all of these sizes from many suppliers but if you do wish to frame your print, we recommend you search for your frame first.

The final change is that we have suspended selling signed mounted prints. This is because all of the supplies we previously invested in are no longer suitable due to the change in sizes. This is something that we will revisit in 2021 to look for suitable alternatives but cannot guarantee the return of this option at the moment.

Thank you for your patience during this journey 💛🙏