Fifth Dimensional Chakra Meditation and Healing Cards Deck

Fifth Dimensional Chakra Meditation and Healing Cards Deck
Fifth Dimensional Chakra Meditation and Healing Cards Deck
Fifth Dimensional Chakra Meditation and Healing Cards Deck
Fifth Dimensional Chakra Meditation and Healing Cards Deck
Fifth Dimensional Chakra Meditation and Healing Cards Deck
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This set of 12 beautiful A6 artwork prints, each emblazoned with one of the Fifth Dimensional Chakras, is a powerful tool to help anyone on their ascension journey.

On the front of each double sided card there is a high frequency image of the Chakra itself, encoded with powerful activations. On the back, they contain a specific form of Sacred Geometry for each Chakra that can help to restore balance and harmony.

By activating each of our 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras every day, we can help align ourselves to the energies of our planet and that of the ongoing ascension process. This will help us to move much easier through our lives and overcome challenges.

You can work with these cards on a daily basis to quickly but fully activate and develop each of your Chakras with ease.

Here are just some of the ways you can work with these cards:

  • Focus on each card with your intent to very quickly and easily activate each Chakra preparing you for the day ahead
  • Meditate with them to help work through particular blocks or issues with each Chakra
  • Place each card over the relevant Chakras and relax for a deep activation and meditation session
  • Energy healers can place them on a client or under a treatment bed to enhance a treatment when working on issues related to a specific Chakra
  • Create a Crystal Grid on the cards while setting the intent to allow it to continue working on a Chakra for you while you are busy going about your day
  • Develop your intuition by working with the Third Eye Chakra Card
  • Place the Earth Star Chakra card by your feet and allow it to deeply ground you
  • Connect with the Angels and the Unicorns via the Causal Chakra card
  • And many many more…

Each deck of cards also comes with a simple guide with some basic information about each Chakra and some invocations that can be used to activate each one.

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But why are there 12 Chakras?

...You may be asking yourself. This might be the first time you have heard about the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras and you may be used to just 7. You may also notice that the colour of each Chakra on the cards are different to what you are familiar with.

If this is new to you, here is a little background information. On what is known as the Cosmic Moment on December 21 2012, our planet and everyone living on it underwent a massive energetic shift and the frequency began to rapidly climb. This is known as the Ascension Process and it is scheduled to continue until 2032. Through this process we will all raise our frequency and transcend our current way of living, bringing us as a species closer together and in harmony with the universe around us.

When this shift happened, the frequency of our Chakras and energetic fields also shifted. This restored an additional 5 Chakras that had been previously disconnected from use and gave us the Fifth Dimensional or 5D Chakra Column. As colour is essentially just a frequency, many of the Chakras also shifted in colour.

As the old 7 Chakra system is a much lower frequency than the new ones, by continuing to use the old system, it can actually limit your potential and make your pathway more challenging.